Irritating Questions

Being work at home freelancers, every now and then there’s always – I mean always – question from a long time no see-relative or friend about our job. And further, why we look so comfortable doing it.

People might wonder why we spend so many time in front of computers (though some of us do play online games and chit-chat through messengers), let alone hardly go out (read: during tight deadlines) and claim ourselves working without putting on uniform or some so called-working suits. Where’s the boss? How come you can still take a nap? Why you work so hard until late at night?

Trust me, I am still there. Not just been there, done that:D When I worked in an IT company, like, eleven years ago, neighbors couldn’t help staring. I went at around 8 AM, wearing jeans and sneakers. All I could say to them (when they did demand explanation), « This is how I work. My boss doesn’t care about how I look, as long as I do my job satisfyingly. » Then when they knew that my job description was mainly a copywriter, they said, « Oh, you write. » With that ‘yeah, writers are freely exceptional’ tone.

We always know where this sort of conversation lead. Money. Or let’s say in professional term, income. Our unpopular yet highly interesting job make people again, wondering how much we earn. Sometimes I chose to ask back, « Have I ever asked you money? Or do I look miserable? » I still remember one day, a neighbor stopped by at my mom’s house and offered a job to teach in a senior high school. Same thing happened to my husband in his hometown. We said thanks, though we giggled at heart.

I blogwalked this morning and found these kind of stories, the likewise experiences. And they are not newbies. They’ve been professional freelancers and freelance full time translators for years. So why bother? What we do might seem weird and flabbergast, but somehow unique. I take those continuing routine questions as compliments.


8 commentaires sur “Irritating Questions

  1. Hear.. hear!
    My son overheard some nosey-nosey neighbours talking, wondering, about my income. They found it hard to believe how can people who rarely leave their house can send their kids to school/college and own stuff. But I proudly, repeatedly, said « I am a translator. » 😀

    1. Yep, being ‘mysterious’ (though we don’t practically hide anything, just find it hard to explain sometimes) is fun, I suppose:))

  2. I have my regular job as an HRD officer at a company. But still my passion is to write; romance story. I write after work; at night. Stay in front of my notebook for hours at my room.
    My hubby’s totally understand, but his family… for God sake, they really underestimate me. My habit makes them confuse, how come one can be so calm in a room everyday, for hours? They’re think I’m crazy. They’re think I’m weird. An anti-social person. I dont know how to deal with it…

    1. Don’t let them stop you, that’s all I can say. Show them how you enjoy and love what you do. Good luck:)

    2. Sometimes I think I’m an anti-social person too. Well, since I cannot change who I am (believe me, I’ve tried), they have to deal with that 😀

  3. Passion rules!! ^_^ Just because people don’t understand the joy of freelancing, it doesn’t make it any less fun *wink*

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