More cheering sections and less critics

Status Bonnie Grove ini saya temukan dari sharing page FB Novel Matters. Menyejukkan, sekaligus semoga menjadi rem saya.

The next time I read a book I think is badly written, or not up to my standard, or sags in the middle, or whatever, I’m going to remind myself that what I’m reading is a person’s attempt to create something. And that act of creation, that attempt alone is astonishing.
We’ve left ourselves in a world that will tear apart anything that smells of novice. But we’ve got it wrong. We need more cheering sections and less critics. We need more pom-poms and less pomp.
I need to be that fanatic encourager, for the sake of the art, yes, but more for my own sake. When I cheer for others, the clouds break above my head and I can begin to see the world as limitless. I begin to see that I too can dare to create something. That we can all be astonishing.


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