Grammar Party

As part of my final in my French class, I will be performing a scene from a famous French play. I don’t know yet what character I will be, but I do know that I will be wearing a unicorn hat. Because I have one. Because, why not? (And because it may be silly enough to distract my teacher from noticing any mispronunciations.)

To get in the mood for my debut as an actricefrançaise, I have collected a group of funny French idioms for you to enjoy.

Idioms are phrases, sometimes unique to particular cultures, that have a different meaning than the literal phrase. English idioms you may recognize are, “It’s raining like cats and dogs,” and “mad as a hatter.”

French idiom: C’est la fin des haricots.
Literal translation: That’s the end of the beans.
Idiomatic meaning: That’s the last straw.

French idiom: Devenir chêvre
Literal translation:

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