Penerjemah yang Mudah Dihubungi

Dalam artikel ini, Anton Kurnia selaku perwakilan penerbit menyampaikan bahwa salah satu poin yang disukai penerbit dari penerjemah lepasnya adalah mudah dihubungi.

Saya ingat cerita seorang editor yang kelimpungan mengontak penerjemahnya sampai harus mencoba berbagai jejaring sosial yang diikuti penerjemah itu. Entah mana yang dijawab, tapi jelas sangat merepotkan. Pernah pula ada editor lepas yang batal diorder karena terlambat menjawab Whatsapp.

Paragraf di artikel yang saya baca mengukuhkan maksud Mas Anton di atas:

Here’s what this often looks like: You receive an email asking you for a specific piece of information. You won’t be able to get that information until next week, so you put the email aside until you have it. But you don’t email the sender back to let them know that that’s the situation, since you’re figuring that you’ll just respond when you have the answer they’re looking for. This is problematic, because the sender is left wondering whether you even received the message, whether you’ve forgotten about it, and what’s taking so long. In some cases, they’ll become annoyed.

Do this repeatedly, and you’ll create a reputation for yourself as slow to get back to people. The solution is easy: Send a quick email saying, “I should be able to get back to you about this by early next week.” That takes 10 seconds, and then you haven’t left anyone hanging.



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