Menerjemahkan Cerpen Sastra

Masih dalam kesempatan yang sama dengan postingan ini, saya membantu seorang kenalan penulis. Silakan ditebak saja:)

If You’re To Be Author

If you’re to be an author, be a well mannered one. Don’t make a fuss, being an author with such a loose tongue. One thing he writes, the way he behaves is another. A person to find easily other writers fault. To scold other authors from time to time. By the way, you’re a girl. Be a female author who’s truly a woman. Speaking ill of your own kind, don’t you even think about it. There’s nothing important of it. That would make you notorious, but only for being spoiled (‘fragrant’ it might be for some people, but it’s really not yours to mind).

Keep it in mind, Dear, writing is drawing or even sowing facts so that others remind themselves that this how life is beneath it all; you go that way and end up there, you go this way and this would be what you’ll find. Therefore, when you meet and converse with other authors, be just like when you sit down and write. I don’t ask you to be hypocrite. Instead, all I ask is to be responsible of whatever you will express in your writings. Please remember, writing stories is a sort of way to remind others without preaching. So, if the reminder is reckless, how in the world you think the readers would learn any lesson from his such making believe writings?



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