Menerjemahkan Potongan Novel Bermuatan Kearifan Lokal

Beberapa waktu lalu, saya sempat mengikuti suatu seleksi menerjemahkan ke bahasa Inggris. Meski tidak lolos, ini kesempatan berharga untuk belajar.

A bit less than four thousand and four hundred meters after passing by railroad, a clear bright intersection would show itself in front of you. To the right, where yellow streetlights are, is a way to Itawa. Straight, which is rather dark, heads to Lakarang. The left one, known as Jalan Katib, heads to town center, where streetlights are much brighter and poles are high. While where you came from, with lights on and off frequently, is Mpang Tinju, an intersection with headless fist in the middle to symbolize fighting against colonialism once, at least by grasping.

Right after arriving at the intersection, as you look across the street, dazzled you would be by neonsign light with some big notice “President” on a large and luxurious building’s top. It’s a shopping mall, restaurant, and place to amuse yourself. You could find supermarket, cinema, discotheque, drugstore, shady or bright restaurants. There’s also a children amusement park. Since people living around the great building weren’t used to pronounce pre and found saying per much easier, this place is popular among them as Persiden. Therefore, the intersection is also known as Simpang Persiden, even just “Persiden” in daily conversations.

Day and night Persiden is quite busy. Often times, teenage girl goes to discotheque wearing vulgar and sexy clothes. Some said, they come to entertain themselves, to listen to some music and dance. Rumor has it, they too are prostitutes in disguise. Only God knows the truth, Bung. One is almost impossible to be seen in darkness.

Mudah kan menerka judulnya? Petunjuk: pengarangnya sudah almarhum.


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